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Craig Miller Productions
Craig Miller Productions is a premier video and film production company in Atlanta, Georgia. We launched in 1985 with one person (me), one account (Callaway Gardens), and one mantra, “start with a great creative idea and work with people who know more about it than you do.” To meet that goal, we have selected a great team of seasoned professionals, as well as young, creative minds, to serve our clients. Today we have six rockstars on our roster:

Jamie Vosseller is our senior producer. She adds meticulous touches to all of our productions and has built her career in the halls of Turner Studios and Ralph Lauren.

Our Creative Director, Dave Werner, has years of experience as a graphic designer and editor in Dallas, Texas. He has been with us for four years. He is also an AfterEffects Pro.

Kit Vinsick is our award-winning director. She is a transplant from New York and is skilled at inspiring the highest performance from everyone she works with and is deeply involved in the indie film scene in Atlanta.

Our senior editor Marc Pilvinsky is a Georgian at heart but spent ten years in LA honing his editorial skills before coming home and working with us. Marc is a storyteller at heart and it shows in his work.

Leanne Villanueva is our Marketing Manager. She is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia, and has brought us light years ahead in the digital space with new website design and communication skills.

With thirty-six years of history, we have a lot of interesting stories to tell. Let me share some with you here.

• We had the largest single-day, Panavision camera rental when we selected eighteen Directors and sent them out across the South to shoot “a day in the life” about what it means to Southern.

• We convinced three Coca-Cola executives into painting their bodies red in a parody of the Blue Man Group for an event show opener.

• I once parked in my clients’ driveway overnight, so she couldn’t leave for work until she got our proposal. 

• We (me) once put Jim Nance’s golf cart in the lake at Augusta National during the practice rounds of The Masters. 

• We created a music video and hosted a Christian music concert with Mark Schultz in the courtyard of the Pentagon. 

• We have had the pleasure of working with Leslie Odum, Jr., Danielle Brooks, Johnny Cash, Peabo Bryson, Sylvester Stalone, Vince Neal, Alice Cooper, Beau Bridges, Lee Brice, Rodney Atkins, Grant Hill, Charleton Heston, and Four American Presidents.

It’s been a fun ride.

While the essence of everything we do is to stay true to our story, technology plays a critical role in how that story gets told. We invest in equipment that best meets the needs of our clients. Today, we own eight edit bays, two drones, and a vast server (EditShare) to archive material and work with editors worldwide. By renting the other equipment we need for shoots and post, we keep our business lean and our overhead low. We constantly review new cameras, lighting equipment, gimbals, drones, audio equipment, computers, software, and storage systems to ensure we are offering our clients the best tools for their productions.

We have a cozy studio space in Atlanta, a comfortable place to come and work with our editors or hang out. Hospitality is 30 percent of our offering. We want our customers to feel welcome.  

We tell potential clients to “look at everything we are offering and everything our competition is offering. If everything is equal, choose the company with the people you like the most.” It’s an approach that allows us to achieve consistent success for everyone.

The Craig Miller Productions Difference
Our expertise in various industries, including tourism, beverages, agriculture, banking, logistics, sports, politics, and education allows us to add considerable value to projects in those silos. We’ve been working with clients for over three decades, which is a testament to our team’s depth of experience.

One of the most noteworthy achievements has been generating business all year round and having six to seven productions in progress each month. We work hard to maintain a stable working environment.

Our consistent quality working with top brands has led to industry recognition, and we’ve won numerous awards, including Addys, Communicator, New York Festivals, the PRSA Anvil Awards, and the State of Georgia Bill Hardman Sr. Award for contributions to the tourism industry. 

Our dream for the future is to continue to do our best and build close relationships with new customers. In addition, we want to expand our portfolio in the feature film industry. 

We also believe in giving back to society. We enjoy helping local and national charities. We’ve maintained excellent relationships with Ronald McDonald House Charities, the United Way of Metro Atlanta, CancerCare, the American Cancer Society, and The Atlanta Food Bank. 

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